I was cleaning up my room the other day, and lo and behold, look what I found...

That, sir, would be the entire 147-page printed manual for FrontDoor 1.99b, an endearing piece of software for all of us who used to run BBSs1. FidoNet, SIGNet and AlterNet indeed. (For all you BinkleyTerm chumps, yeah, I ran that as well, with the holy trinity of BinkleyTerm, X00 and Maximus all under OS/2. Don’t even get me started on ViSiON-X, Oblivion/2, Echo forums and all that stuff… oh, I dread to think the number of hours I must’ve spent looking at every single BBS package under the sun.)

Ah, but the BBS as we know it is dead, Jim. Long live the Internet!

1 And hey Mister Ryan Verner: yes, I ran it with the BNU FOSSIL driver for a while ;-).

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