Mar 2008

Jesus on E's MP4s

For all the oldskool Amiga demoscene folks out there, I’ve weirdly had a bit of nostalgia for the classic Jesus on E’s demo from 1992. It was was understandably not featured on Mindcandy Volume 2, although there are videos of it on the Web floating around. It’s somewhat amusing that the MPEG-4 video is around 120MB when the original version fit on two 880k disks.

So, I chopped up the MPEG-4 videos I found floating around on the Web, and exported the soundtrack to MPEG-4 audio files so I could throw them onto my iPod. The tracks are available at:

If you’re into oldskool techno and rave tracks from the ~1992 era, you can’t beat this stuff. (And if you don’t like oldskool techno and rave tracks, the soundtrack will probably send you completely insane). Have the appropriate amount of fun!