Site News

Erlang and Concurrency slides are online

Moof! I’ve found some time this weekend in the 40-odd degrees heat1 to finally get the slides and Web page up for my Concurrency and Erlang talk, and have also updated the official webpage about it to point to my page. Remember kids: just say no to shared state concurrency!

1 Stupid things to do in 43-degree weather on a Sunday morning instead of sleeping in so I can recover from this week: Play two hours of tennis.


Bigger Fontsies!

I’ve updated the blog part of my Web site to use standard-size fonts now rather than small ones; you should too (if you’re not doing it already, of course). I’d been meaning to do this for a while, but someone emailed me and specifically requested it. The rest of the site will be updated soon.


A Flurry of Updates

Zing, can you tell I’ve been procrastinating lately? The last three blog entries are all about boring site news. Woah, like, totally meta dude.

  • Comments have been turned back on, so now you can have your say on my views and boring-ass blog entries if you’re really keen!
  • I’ve ripped out a couple of old blog entries and made a formal About Me section on this site, that talks about me in all my massive glory and stuff. There’s also a whole new shebang on stuff that I like. It’s always so weird writing about yourself.
  • Lots of little tidy-ups and small things.

Neverwinter Nights 2 Hints and Tips

I’ve added a games section to the site. There’s some small cheat… uhh, tricks, that you may find handy, some information on crafting items, and also a small patch to remove the XP penalty for multiclassing if you think it’s stupid (which I do). Have fun!


Oooo, Shiny

Ooo, my main website just got a bit shinier. Yeah for awesome free RapidWeaver themes!


Vimacs Downloads are Back

Whoops, those of you who had problems downloading Vimacs will find that the download links work properly now. (What the hell, people besides me actually use Vimacs?)


The Gallery is Back Online

Those of you who like stalking me will be glad to know that the gallery is back online.



Welcome to the new-look, redone from scratch. I’m now using RapidWeaver to do the web site rather than my 5-year-old installation of Movable Type; thank you MT, you served me well for that time! All my old blog entries have been imported across, although the URLs for the entries have all changed, sorry.

Apart from the obvious look’n’feel changes to the blog, I’ve finally put all my mixes online in the Music section, and added a small section on the code that I’ve released. (It’s not much code, so don’t be too disappointed when you visit there — but there’s lots more coming in the future!) So, have a look around if you’re bored, kill some time, and have the appropriate amount of fun.