The Story So Far

I’m just zis guy currently living in San Francisco, USA, one of the most excellent places in the world. Like most other San Franciscans, I migrated here from somewhere else—in my case, Sydney, Australia, where I lived for nearly my entire life. Since I’ve arrived in the USA, I am very proud that I can apparently think in fahrenheit, miles, and feet. (I still have no idea how much a fluid ounce is, but mind you, I don’t think many Americans do either.)

I goofed aroundstudied at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, eventually graduating with Honours in Computing Science and Psychology under the watchful eye of Manuel Chakravarty, one of the most fearsomely intelligent people I know. After university, I worked at CSIRO for two years doing research in multimedia, then moved on to work on cineSync at Rising Sun Research, where I learnt everything I know today about good software engineering practices. I never thought I’d end up in visual effects, but I always wanted to be into something to do with computers and entertainment even from a young age, so the crossover there seemed perfect.

Despite Rising Sun Research being one of the best work environments I’ll possibly ever have, I made the somewhat possibly foolish decision in 2007 to pursue my small dream of becoming self-employed, which I’m glad to say worked out far better than I ever expected. I worked on RapidWeaver by Realmac Software full-time for a few years, and it was a blast becoming a full-time Mac developer working on a kick-ass application that thousands of people use everyday and love.

Since then, I moved to San Francisco to work at Pixar, with the clandestine goal of having a short . Scratch off one of my childhood dream goals that I’d never thought come true. (Everything that you think about working there is probably true.)

I have a keen interest in all things computing, from philosophies of open-source software to user interface design and theoretical limits of complexity, with a special focus on programming languages (especially those crazy lambda-based ones). I believe that maths can be as beautiful as nature or supermodels (although I’d rather have dinner with a supermodel any day), that computational thinking is an essential skill for future generations to learn, and that virtual worlds will become an integral a part of society in 15 years, just as the World Wide Web is today.

As my degree may tell you, I also have a keen interest in psychology (particularly social psychology), and not only because it’s a field full of incredibly smart and good-looking women. I love movies, games and other art that have three-dimensional characters, and ask the hard questions about life, morals and ethics. If I remember right, I believe I’m an ENTJ on the Myers-Briggs test.

If you happen to be Google stalking me, I’ll make it easier for you: my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc pages are on the right. (Note: I generally won’t do the friend thing on Facebook unless I’ve met you in real life, so don’t expect me to add you unless I’ve met you.) Please don’t be creepy.