Sep 2010

DevWorld 2010 Keynote Aftermath

As GLaDOS would say, It’s been a long time. How have you been?

I was invited a few weeks ago to keynote at /dev/world 2010, a conference for Mac developers in Australia. It was my first-ever keynote, and you know, inspirational talks turn out to be kinda harder to give than technical talks. For those who didn’t attend, the talk intended to address the two most frequent questions I get asked about Pixar (“how did you get there?” and “what do you, uhh, actually do?”), and provide some insight into Pixar’s culture.

Two videos that I referred to in the talk and I think are an absolute must-see—whether you’re an engineer, CEO, manager, designer, artist or otherwise—are

They complement Steve Jobs’s amazing commencement speech at Stanford in 2005. The number of insightful, genuine sound bites you can take away from those three talks are off the charts.

For all those who attended my keynote, I hope it was worthwhile. Thank you to everyone in the audience for giving me such a warm reception and for making me feel back at home, and thank you to the AUC for putting on a great conference.

Also, new website look, oooooo. It almost looks like it was made after 2000. Hopefully this will mean more regular updates on my blog than once per decade. I guess we’ll find out!