The Skunkworks

(Ten points to you if you recognise that logo!)

I hack extensively on both proprietary and open source code in lots of different languages, although my day jobs mostly has me work with C++, Objective-C and Erlang these days. (Hey, gotta throw in at least one functional language in there to keep me sane. Lambda power!) Unfortunately I haven’t released much code, but I swear, I’ll be releasing all the various ways that I’ve solved the halting problem any day now.

In the meantime, here’s a very small repertoire of code you can checkout; you can find a slightly more comprehensive list of software I’ve hacked on at my resumé page. If you’re more interested in my views on coding and programming in general (apparently I’m somewhat of an outspoken loudmouth when it comes to software engineering practices and tools), you probably want to be checking out my blog instead.