I’ve given a whole bunch of talks over my career: you can check out the comprehensive list on my resumé page. Some talks are more formal than others, and for those talks, I’ll be maintaining a homepage for each talk here on my site so you can download the slides, videos of the things (if they exist), and check out links and resources related to the talk. If you’d like me to speak somewhere at all, just email me: I’m more than happy to rant about my opinions for half an hour or so! (Whether you’ll be happy with my ranting is a totally different thing.)

Thanks very much to Garr Reynolds’s Presentation Zen Web site for a huge number of very informative articles on how to be a better public speaker. Reynolds’s article on Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates was the first one I read, and after reading that, I was hooked!




  • Objective-C Internals, a talk I gave at the Sydney Cocoaheads user group in February 2008. It’s similar to the Mac OS X Linguistics talk that I presented at Galois and fp-syd, but focuses a lot more on the object model and message-sending, and less on higher-order messaging shenanigans.