"Witch" Window Switcher

A man named Peter Maurer has published a most excellent bit of software for the Mac named Witch. Witch is a window switcher, in the spirit of LiteSwitch X in the pre-Panther days. I quite like the standard ⌘-Tab window switcher that’s built into Panther, so I won’t be using Witch for that. However, Witch’s killer feature for me is that it can also replace the ⌘-` key with its own switcher, which works in a MRU (Most-Recently-Used) fashion, similarly to how ⌘-Tab works.

Witch’s standard ⌘-Tab window switcher replacement also cycles through all documents in all windows, rather than only cycling through the active windows, which is gives more Windows-like behaviour if you prefer that. It also has other nifty features like being able to assign window zoom/minimise to keyboard shortcuts — but IMHO, that’s all small candy compared to the excellent ⌘-` document switcher replacement!

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