The following is a short list of quirks that I’ve found with NWN, as of version 1.19/1.20. Keep in mind that future patches may fix some of these quirks.

Double weapons are Good

Double weapons (two-bladed sword, dire mace, etc) don’t seem to induce a two-weapon fighting penalty at all.

i.e. If you have two-weapon fighting and ambidexterity, and your normal BAB is +5, you would expect that using a two-bladed sword induces the -2/-2 penalty for the two attacks, so you would attack at +3. However, it seems that you still attack at +5!

This obviously makes double weapons far, far more powerful … can you say “Uthgardt Ceremonial Blade”? It also means that munchkins (like me) who pick one level of Ranger for the dual-wield feat don’t have to, if they only want to use double weapons (also like me).

Druids don’t have weapon restrictions

The Druid’s weapon restriction isn’t.

If you are a Druid, you are proficient with druidic weapons, but you are not restricted to them. While the Druid class cannot learn any non-druidic weapon proficiencies, other classes that your PC has can.

i.e. If you multiclass, the Druid’s weapon restriction disappears.

Put this together with the quirks above and below, and you can have a L1 Fighter/L19 Druid specialising in a two-bladed sword, with no attack penalty. Nasty!

Weapon Specialisation with a Level 1 Fighter

(This may or may not be a deviation from the standard 3E rules, but it’s obscure enough to be a quirk.)

Any PC can take the Weapon Specialisation feat as long as she has one level in the Fighter class. The feat is only available if:

  1. You have Weapon Focus on a particular weapon
  2. Your BAB is >= +4
  3. You are levelling up in the Fighter class

The last one’s the doobie: even if you have Weapon Focus and your BAB is >= 4, the feat is only available to Fighters, and thus only shows up if you are levelling up as a Fighter.

The quirky thing is that it doesn’t matter what particular level of Fighter you are to obtain the feat. You can be a level 4 Ranger (and thus have a BAB of +4), with weapon focus on, say, Bastard Sword. If you then level up to a L4 Ranger/L1 Fighter, you can then pick the Weapon Specialisation feat.

Hold down mouse button 1 to move the character

So call me a gumby, but I had no idea this handy feature existed. (And I’ve read the manual, what, fifteen times? Nehh.)

Instead of cli-cli-clicking on the map all the time to move your character around, you can hold down the mouse button and drag it around the screen, which allows you to control your character’s movement and direction. Much easier.

Using Lore potions to their fullest

  1. Drink lore potion to increase your Identify skill.
  2. Pause game.
  3. Identify everything you want (all 3000 armours from “The Dark Ranger’s Treasure”, heh heh). The Lore potion won’t expire since the game is paused.
  4. Unpause game.
  5. Profit.
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