USB Numeric Keypad

If you didn’t know, you can use the numeric keypad to select options that appear on the radial menu (that appears when you, for example, right-click on your character). Of course, the numeric keypad is in an inconvenient spot: most gamers have their left hand resting on the left-hand side of the keyboard on the Quake-inspired W/A/S/D keys, not on the right-hand side where the numeric keypad is. On laptops, it’s in an even more inconvenient spot—like, it doesn’t exist and stuff. D’oh.

If you’re willing to fork out a bit of dough for a game, drop $50 on a USB numeric keypad, and put that to the left of your keyboard. Your enjoyment of Neverwinter will go up dramatically. It’s also useful for Alpha Centauri if you’re a laptop person :-).

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