The Business of Development

After one of the longest road-trips of my life, I gave a presentation at DevWorld 08 in Melbourne, Australia, titled “The Business of Development”:

Coding is just one part of what makes a great product, but there’s always so much else to do and learn. So, what can you do to help ship a great product—besides coding—if you’re primarily a developer? In this talk, learn about important commercial and business issues that you, as a coder, can help to define and shape in your company, such as licensing and registration keys, adopting new technologies, software updates, handling support, your website, and crash reports.

The talk has a definite Mac focus and is geared towards people who are writing commercial software, but it arguably applies to all software on any platform, whether you’re a professional programmer or a hobbyist, working on open-source or not. The slides are now online; you can find it on my talks page or download them directly (40MB PDF).

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