640GB of Storage On the Road

Do you work with audio and video on the road? How does an astounding 640GB of storage on your laptop sound, with performance nearly meeting that of a desktop?

  1. Buy a MacBook Pro, which can net you 160GB of internal hard disk storage.
  2. Rip out the internal DVD drive and replace it with another 160GB internal hard drive, via an MCE OptiBay.
  3. RAID-0 your internal 320GB of storage, for twice the read/write performance.
  4. Buy a LaCie Little Big Disk, which will net you another 320GB of RAID-0 storage that’s totally bus-powered over FireWire 800.

Wallah, 640GB on the road. Of course, if you’re a serious performance freak, you’d probably opt for the 7200rpm 100GB drives instead of the 5400rpm 160GB ones. But that’ll only net you a meagre 400GB of storage instead of 640GB.

Your batteries might only last for about 30 minutes, but hey, it’s probably still longer than one of those Dell XPS Gaming laptops, and you can actually carry a MacBook Pro around without needing a truck.

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