LAX On-The-Go iPod Playlist

So I might try a little experiment with blog posting and see whether people like it or not: here’s what I had on the On-The-Go playlist on my iPod today when I was lining up for about 17 days in the United check-in queue …

  • Peace Orchestra: Who Am I? (Animatrix mix), from the Animatrix album
  • Sarah McLachlan: Fallen, from Afterglow
  • Sarah McLachlan: World on Fire, from Afterglow
  • Venus Hum: Hummingbirds, from Big Beautiful Sky
  • DJ Shadow: Live! In Tune and On Time, yeah, the whole album. Mmm, vocoded Lonely Soul mixed into Guns Blazing so does it for me …
  • Way Out West: Stealth (Quivver mix)
  • Junxie XL: Beauty Never Fades (Animatrix edit)
  • Juno Reactor: Conga Fury (Animatrix edit)
  • Energy 52: CafÈ del Mar (Solar Stone remix)

Hey, I figure if what I’m listening to is totally uninteresting (which it most likely is unless you frequently discuss music with me), you can just ignore the post right? :)

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