6-Star Smart Playlists in iTunes

iTunes is nice and all, but I wish you could rank a song between 0-6 stars rather than 0-5 stars. That way, you can classify 0-star songs as unrated, and have 5 stars leftover for your own classification, rather than 4, which may be a bit too restrictive. Well, you can do this pretty easily for purposes of including it in a smart playlist, which is all I wanted to do.

How to do it? Easy:

  • Rate all your 6-star songs as 5-star, so they’ll be included in any matches that would normally include 5-star songs.
  • Add the text “6-star” to the comment of any of the songs you want to rate as 6-star.
  • Make a new Smart Playlist, and include the “6-star” text as part of the criteria for the playlist.

That’s it. You can obviously expand the scheme to 69 stars if you want, but 6 is enough for me.

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