Custom Screen Sizes with NVidia Chipsets

Well, here’s something I had absolutely no idea existed before today: you can add your own custom screen resolutions with NVidia’s video drivers.

  • Control Panels -> Display Properties -> Settings tab -> Advanced button -> your nvidia chipset tab
  • Select the Screen Resolutions & Refresh Rates menu item on the ‘drawer’ next to the dialog box
  • Click on the Add button, and add away.

This is great for those monitors which can’t quite push it to 1600×1200 comfortably (e.g. being either too blurry or just having too low a refresh rate at such high resoutions). I’m running my old-ish 21” CRT at 1400×1050 now at 85Hz: quite a decent amount more desktop real estate than 1280×1024, with a refresh rate where I won’t be tearing my eyes out. Nice.

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