Elven Sundays

Published: June 2003.

This mix was done for those gorgeous Summer Sundays in Sydney, where the weather’s just perfect for hitting the beach and you’re looking for some music to complement that atmosphere. While there’s a variety of chilled, dance, jazz and pop, I think they all work quite nicely together.

Track List

  1. Basehead vs Chuck Biscuits: Chiba City Lights ‘96
  2. Faithless: Crazy English Summer
  3. Planet Funk: Chase the Sun (Extended mix)
  4. Way Out West: The Gift (Club remix) (edit)
  5. Sunscreem: Good Times
  6. Necros: Orchard Street
  7. Donna Lewis: I Love You Always Forever
  8. Orbital: Halcyon+On+On (edit)
  9. Chicane: Autumn Tactics (Chicane’s End of Summer remix) (edit)
  10. Iio: Rapture (Riva remix) (edit)
  11. Velvet Girl: Summertime (Chiba remix) (edit)
  12. The Seatbelts: Rush
  13. Delerium featuring Leigh Nash: Innocente
  14. Vanessa Carlton: A Thousand Miles
  15. Enzso & Boh Runga: One Step Ahead
  16. Jeremy Soule: Neverwinter Wood


Codec FormatBest ForTechnical Notes
OggOgg VorbisFreedom FightersEncoded via OggEnc 1.02 at quality 4.99.
AACMPEG-4 AACiTunes 7, 5G iPodsEncoded via iTunes 7.0.1 at 128k VBR.
MP3MPEG-1 Layer IIIEveryone ElseEncoded via LAME 3.97 beta 2, with --alt-preset standard.