Published: 1st of June, 1997.

Awww, my first-ever album. (Cuddly feeling.) It does sound a tad dated now, but I’m still proud of Bliss (track 9), which I think is, by far, my best song ever. My remix of Maelcum’s Supertron still ain’t too bad today either, although the cheesy 2 Unlimited vocal at the end does send me into cringes.

Many of the songs on Retrospection were partially done as a proud show of what you could do with a tracker if you employed a bit of sound engineering work. The music scene in the mid-1990s is pretty different from today: these days, hobbyist musicians can pick up a copy of Cubase, Logic, Live, about ten brazillion VST plugins, and can churn out stuff that sounds almost like it came out of a production studio. It’s not quite the same scene as the mid-90s tracker heydays, where we had serious trouble mixing together a mere 16 channels with no anti-aliasing on 486DX2/66s. Thanks to the incredible coding work by Jeffrey Lim, making professional-sounding work from the humble Impulse Tracker was actually possible. While Retrospection was published in 1999, most of the songs on here were written in about 1996, an era where the Gravis Ultrasound ruled over the Sound Blaster 16, and when we were still tinkering around with evil DOS memory managers like QEMM to maximise that 640k of conventional memory as much as possible. (640k! That’s less than half of a single sample these days!) I’m still somewhat impressed we managed to churn out these tunes on that kind of hardware.

And hey, if trackers were good enough for Force Mass Motion, they were good enough for me!

Track Listing

  1. Ozone: Taking Me Higher (Acidtrance remix) [remix by Legend]
  2. Ozone: Learn to Love
  3. Ozone: Taking Me Higher
  4. The Candy Girls: Fee Fi Fo Fum (Heavenly mix)
  5. Ozone: P. O. D. (Point of Departure)
  6. Hunz: On Me (Ozone’s radio mix)
  7. Maelcum: Supertron (The Aftermath Reconstruction)
  8. Ozone: Taking Me Higher (Scratch the Surface mix) [remix by Chuck Biscuits]
  9. Ozone: Bliss
  10. Chuck Biscuits vs Ozone: B++
  11. Ozone: Spinrhythm (Short mix)
  12. Pulse vs Ozone: (untitled)
  13. Ozone: Portal to the Next Life


Codec FormatBest ForTechnical Notes
OggOgg VorbisFreedom FightersEncoded via OggEnc 1.02 at quality 4.99.
AACMPEG-4 AACiTunes 7, 5G iPodsEncoded via iTunes 7.0.1 at 128k VBR.
MP3MPEG-1 Layer IIIEveryone ElseEncoded via LAME 3.97 beta 2, with --alt-preset standard.