Published: 2001.

Nymph is my little take on the whole chillout genre, inspired by Red Jerry’s excellent Chilled Euphoria compilation. Strictly speaking, it’s not really chillout, since there’s quite a few tracks on here (such as Sunscreem’s “A Brief History of Nonsense”) that are decidedly non-chilled. However, since everybody uses the chillout moniker to mean general floaty background music these days, I might as well go with the trend…

Track List

  1. Chicane: No Ordinary Morning
  2. Faithless: Don’t Leave
  3. Jewel: Down So Long
  4. Energy 52: Café del Mar (Michael Woods remix)
  5. Jakatta: American Dream (Joey Negro Club mix)
  6. Sunscreem: A Brief History of Nonsense
  7. Faithless: The Garden
  8. Dido: Thank You
  9. Chicane: Saltwater
  10. Way Out West: Mindcircus
  11. Solar Stone: Seven Cities
  12. Sunscreem: Catch
  13. Dido: Take My Hand

Enjoy! Constructive criticism and feedback is always welcome.


Codec FormatBest ForTechnical Notes
OggOgg VorbisFreedom FightersEncoded via OggEnc 1.02 at quality 4.99.
AACMPEG-4 AACiTunes 7, 5G iPodsEncoded via iTunes 7.0.1 at 128k VBR.
MP3MPEG-1 Layer IIIEveryone ElseEncoded via LAME 3.97 beta 2, with --alt-preset standard.