When the Heavens Fall

Published: January 2002.

When the Heavens Fall is a compilation in the style of Nymph: soothing, relaxing music. It was named after the famous Purple Motion track (well, famous if you were part of the classic PC demoscene anyway), as well as being excellent mood music when there’s some light romantic rain falling outside. Again, like Nymph, it’s not strictly a “chilled” compilation: in some ways, it’s the successor to Nymph, although I think the style and progression of the mix is different enough that calling it “Nymph II” would be a bit of a misnomer.

Track List

  1. The Source: You’ve Got the Love (Now Voyager edit)
  2. Björn Arve Lagim: Prologue
  3. Sarah McLachlan: Possession (Piano version)
  4. Chicane: Early
  5. Sunscreem: Walk Under Ladders
  6. Dido: Isobel
  7. Naimee Coleman: Love Song (Radio mix)
  8. Jugi: Onward (Dope remix)
  9. Sunscreem: Who Will Love Me Now
  10. Way Out West: Stealth
  11. Tonic: If You Could Only See (edit)
  12. Radix: Rivendell
  13. Sarah McLachlan: Ice Cream (live)
  14. Sarah McLachlan: Sweet Surrender (live)
  15. Legend: The Escapist II
  16. Tool: Disposition
  17. Radiohead: High and Dry
  18. Bic Runga: Sway
  19. Sarah McLachlan: Angel (Dusted remix)


Codec FormatBest ForTechnical Notes
OggOgg VorbisFreedom FightersEncoded via OggEnc 1.02 at quality 4.99.
AACMPEG-4 AACiTunes 7, 5G iPodsEncoded via iTunes 7.0.1 at 128k VBR.
MP3MPEG-1 Layer IIIEveryone ElseEncoded via LAME 3.97 beta 2, with --alt-preset standard.

Track Commentary

Here’s some commentary that I started to write on each of the songs, which I’ll probably never finish, but hey, I might as well put it up on the page rather than losing all of it in the mists of time…

  1. You’ve Got the Love (Now Voyager edit)
    The Source

    This is actually a combination of the Now Voyager mix (which runs for 6m04s) and the Now Voyager Radio mix (3m32s). This is generally how I like most of my mixes: radio mixes are typically far too short and leave out too many of the nuances which can only be found on the longer versions, but the long edits also sometimes have sections which are there simply to make it an extended version, and don’t tend to contribute much to the song as a whole. Here, the breakdown in the longer edit was cut out.

  2. Prologue
    Bjorn Arve Lagim

    This cute little guitar tune comes from the highly recommended computer game The Longest Journey, by Funcom. While all of the music in that game is of a very high standard, much of it is mood music (happy, sad, suspenseful, etc) which doesn’t translate too well into a mix intended for general listening.

  3. Possession (Piano version)
    Sarah McLachlan

    One of my all-time Sarah McLachlan favourite songs (hmm, along with around 10 others, 2 of which are also on this mix …); I prefer this piano solo over the other few mixes I’ve heard. It’s a ‘hidden track’ on her album Fumbling To Ecstacy, after the song of the same name.

  4. Early

    I originally had both Chicane’s Early and Overture in the mix, along with Moby’s God Moving Over the Face of the Waters (made popular by its role in the ending credits of the movie HEAT), but got rid of two of them after deciding that 15-20 minutes of strings was a little much when I had to cram so much else into the time limit. I actually wanted to kill this tune instead of Overture, but made a mistake and killed Overture instead. It sounded good anyway, so I left it in there :).

  5. Walk Under Ladders

    This happy little tune was originally by Joan Armatrading, and Sunscreem remade it for their outstanding album Ten Mile Bank. (The album is almost impossible to find in shops, by the way; if you want a copy of it, email me and we’ll work out something.) I think the song would have been less of a deal than it is if it wasn’t for the absolutely huge (almost 2-minute) buildup that’s performed before the song truly starts. I tried to do the song justice here by keeping the long introduction, and placing it in a suitable spot where it would blend in nicely. I hope you agree …