RapidWeaver Plugins

RapidWeaver is an excellent Web site building program for Mac OS X, and (as you can probably guess) is what I’ve used to make these pages. One of the nice touches is that RapidWeaver 3.5 comes with a developer SDK, so while it’s not open source, you can still hack on it if you’d like extra features added. The RapidWeaver authors are very friendly too, and there’s an excellent community present on their lively forums.

So, here are some little plugins that I’m writing for RapidWeaver to make life a bit easier for me. They’re all open-source software, distributed under the BSD license.

  • Markup Plugin: Use lightweight markup languages such as Markdown and Textile in any RapidWeaver styled text area (such as the normal Styled Text page, in any Blog entry, or the sidebar).