Hacking Your iPhone Headphones

Perhaps the most annoying feature of the iPhone is its recessed headphones jack:

This miserable little design decision has spawned an entire bloody industry of headphones adapters just so that you can use your own preferred set of headphones with the thing (though admittedly some headphones adapters are way cooler than others). Me, I preferred a slightly cheaper hack. And by hack, I mean hacksaw.


  1. G’day, where’s the cheese?Get a kitchen knife.
  2. Use kitchen knife obtained from step 1 to cut off the end of the rubber sheath at the end of your headphones plug.

Et voilà! Headphones that fit in rather nicely to that stupid jack. It also seems that a few other people have done this as well, but they applied slightly more rigourous methods than me (i.e. they used one of those “proper knives” rather than, say, a kitchen knife).

It's entirely stupid that we have to do this in the first place, but on the bright side, it does solve one of the only major annoyances I've had with the thing, which elevates the iPhone from being "pretty damn good" to "near perfect" in my eyes. One hopes that Apple won't be repeating this particular design decision for their next iPhone revision.
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