Beyond C, C++, Perl and Python


As a Linux user or developer, you probably know a few programming and scripting languages: shell scripting, Perl perhaps, Python, C or C++, and maybe Java or XSLT. Once you’ve learnt one systems language or one scripting language, you’ve learnt them all, right? Especially because of that “Turing-complete” thing …

In this talk, I’ll explore the research and developments that have happened outside of mainstream programming languages in the past decade, in languages such as Objective-C, Haskell, O’Caml, and Nemerle. The scope of the talk is broad: I’ll touch on many topics, such as meta-programming, generics, type systems, and proof-carrying code, without going too in-depth into any of them. (Believe me, you don’t want to hear me talk for seventeen hours about type systems.) Most of the topics covered (such as meta-programming) are not language-specific, and can be directly applied to your own work, increasing your own programming expertise and repertoire of techniques.


Slides: Adobe Acrobat PDF

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