/etc/rc.local on Mac OS X

I’ve been wanting to run a couple of trivial commands during my system startup, which would’ve been perfect if Mac OS X had an /etc/rc.local file. Of course, since Mac OS X uses the (kick-ass) launchd and the nice StartupItems infrastructure, I didn’t quite expect it to have an rc.local file — Google wasn’t much help with this either.

Of course, after I actually looked at the /etc/rc file (which launchd invokes), lo and behold, I find this near the end of the file:

if [ -f /etc/rc.local ]; then
        sh /etc/rc.local

So, Mac OS X does indeed have an rc.local, contrary to what I first expected. Hopefully this saves at least one other UNIX geek a couple of minutes of Googling around on the Web…

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