Frozen Bubble for Mac OS X

If you’ve got a weird graphics corruption problem when you try to play Frozen Bubble on Mac OS X that looks like this:

Try downloading my patched version of Frozen Bubble which fixes the problem.

Note to hackers: the patch to fix the problem is pretty trivial …

diff -Nru Frozen-Bubble (Original).app/Contents/Resources/
--- Frozen-Bubble (Original).app/Contents/Resources/	Thu Jan  1 06:12:48 2004
+++	Sun Nov 28 23:00:13 2004
@@ -1679,12 +1679,8 @@
 	generate_new_bubble($PLAYERS[1], $next_bubble{$PLAYERS[0]}->{img});
-    if ($graphics_level == 1) {
-	$background->blit($apprects{main}, $app, $apprects{main});
-	$app->flip;
-    } else {
-	fb_c_stuff::effect($app->{-surface}, $background->display_format->{-surface});
-    }
+    $background->blit($apprects{main}, $app, $apprects{main});
+    $app->flip;
     $display_on_app_disabled = 0;

I have no idea why the fb_c_stuff::effect there is screwing things up so badly; I suspect it’s either a problem with SDL for Mac OS X, or Frozen Bubble’s fb_c_stuff.xs Perl/C code. Furthermore, it only doesn’t work on some Macs I’ve tried (my 1GHz TiBook/Radeon Mobility 9000, and Michelle’s 800MHz iBook G4). Some Macs work OK, some Macs don’t. With the patch, all Macs work OK. Beats me completely. I’ve emailed the Frozen Bubble for Mac OS X maintainer to see if he can dig around a bit to find out why it’s causing such a ruckus …

Update: The official Mac OS X port has now properly fixed the graphics corruption bug as of version 1.0.0e, so this patch is now redundant. Go grab the new version!

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